Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to the new home online of the Gardeners of Kensington Place. The group has been in existence since 1994 and we have been a place where friends and neighbors can get together in a informal setting and share our love of gardens and gardening.

While we have been around in various forms since 1994, we have been very low key in our approach and most definitely not high tech! But, in recent years we have gained some new members who have brought some fresh ideas to the group. Some of the ideas involve having a presence online and sharing the information that we have found with an extended family.

We all share a passion for gardening. All of us get something different out of working in our gardens. Some enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that a garden gives you. Others work on their garden to give them beauty by working with flowers and by landscaping. Still others work with gardens to help provide sustainability in the environment. And still others enjoy gardening as a hobby to help fill open times in their daily lives.

Regardless of the reason why you garden, we may have some information for you. While not all of the people in the Kensington Place neighborhood are part of our gardening group, they are always welcome to participate or ask questions. We are not perfect, but we share one thing in common – we enjoy gardening and our gardens.

So, here we are! Our very first website where we will share some of the knowledge that we have used to enjoy our gardens in our homes. Bear with us, this site is a work in progress. In the near future we intend to add photos, have a gardening event calendar, include a frequently asked questions page, and more. Heck, we might even start some social media activity. We have talked about having a Facebook page, an Instagram page, and more.

This is a brand-new work for our little group and we hope to bring you information on gardens and gardening. So feel free to visit our little corner of the gardening world!